Specpoint Systems

Specpoint Systems, LLC manufactures proprietary new instrument systems and replacement parts for Honeywell UVH series ammonia detectors.

SpecPoint UVH20 A-E Series

The Specpoint UVH20 series provides the industry's most reliable and accurate high performance U.V. sensing technology with exclusive 100% passive sampling and the ability to monitor up to 8 separate zones with each detector. The UVH20 offers closed or open process sampling with no electrochemical sensor cell to replace.

  • Accuracy +/- .50% of range
  • Repeatability +/- .10% of range
  • Display type analog meter (digital optional)
  • PV out: 4-20 ma or 1-5 vdc
  • One alarm trouble relay S.P.S.T. 5 amps / 120 vac
  • One alarm relay 3.P.D.T. 5 amps / 120 vac
  • Power requirement: 120 volt AC 60HZ 10 VA
  • Sample flow requirement: 5-25 SCFH
  • Dimensions: 8"l x 8"w x 36"h
  • Electrical Enclosure: NEMA 12
  • UL CSA (Pending)
  • Optional Feature: Multi-point sample sequencer (up to 8 zones)
Ammonia Measurement Ranges by Series:
  1. 0-50 PPM NH3
  2. 0-100 PPM NH3
  3. 0-250 PPM NH3
  4. 0-500 PPM NH3
  5. 0-2500 PPM< NH3
New Option: E-1000 Ethylene Detection (C2H4)
  • Detect 0-1000 ppm C2H4 with UVH20 A-C models
  • Signal Output 0-20ma for computer system

Still running an older Honeywell UVH10? Upgrade today. Trade-ins are welcome.

*Manufacturer reserves the right to change specs without notice

UVH20 Data Sheet
  • Special Projects
    Special Projects
  • Aircraft Applications
  • CA Storage Facility at Borton Fruit
    Borton Fruit


  • Cold Storage ammonia detection
  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) warehouse ammonia detection
  • Mechanical room ammonia detection
  • Process monitoring of ammonia
  • Specialized industry solutions
  • Detection of other gases (Contact us for details)
  • Hydraulic oil vapor detection
  • Freon and HCFC/HFC/refrigeration vapor detection
UVH 20 A Typical Install

Typical Install for UVH 20 A (0-50 ppm) CA Room Application

UVH 20 C Typical Install

Typical Install for UVH 20 C (0-200 ppm) Compressor Room Application

UVH 20 Wiring

Wiring Diagram