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We Stock and Sell

  • Cool Air ammonia detector components
  • Sample pumps (GAST and THOMAS brand diaphragm vacuum pumps for sample air)
  • Flow meters (for sample air)
  • Inline filters (particle and oil)
  • ¼” ID clear braided pvc sample tubing - by the foot or in 300ft rolls
  • AZBIL brand BPR modulating motors - ECM3000


AZBIL brand BPR modulating motors

Model ECM3000 is a control motor designed for various industrial equipment applications.

Two models are available: 90° angular stroke motor for applications such as burner controls and 160° angular stroke motor for valve controls of hot and cold water or steam.

Three kinds of control signal input types are available: relay contact, 4 to 20 mA DC, and potentiometer.

Three kinds of power supply voltage types are available: 24 V AC, 100 V AC and 200 V AC. Additionally, a power supply unit applicable to a voltage range of 85 to 264 V AC is also available for the 4 to 20 mA DC input type. Model ECM3000 contains a standard bracket accessory for retrofitting Azbil's older motors.


  • Robust aluminum die-cast body. Long life parts are used for the internal potentiometers and bearings of the motor.
  • Input is selectable - 3 input types. (According to model No.) Relay contact, 4 to 20 mA DC and potentiometer.
  • The 90° angular stroke motor type has a pointer to indicate the position of the rotating shaft and a rotating direction label.
  • Four optional auxiliary switches are available with the 90° angular stroke motor type.
  • For both 90° and 160° angular stroke motors, models with two auxiliary switches and forced opening/closing function are also available.
  • Splash-proof structure IP54 or equivalent, superior to environment resistance.
  • Motor mounting bracket (standard accessory part) is compatible to replacing from Azbil's older motor being used at present.
  • Two angular strokes available for several applications. 90° type and 160° type
  • Output torque is 12.5 N·m.