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AZBIL brand BPR modulating motors - ECM3000



Model ECM3000 is a control motor designed for various industrial equipment applications.

Two models are available: 90° angular stroke motor for applications such as burner controls and 160° angular stroke motor for valve controls of hot and cold water or steam.

Three kinds of control signal input types are available: relay contact, 4 to 20 mA DC, and potentiometer.

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Specpoint Systems, LLC manufactures proprietary ammonia and ethylene detection systems and offers replacement parts and upgrade kits for Honeywell UVH series ammonia detectors.

  • Features high performance U.V. sensing technology
  • The industry's most reliable and accurate with over 10,000 systems operating worldwide
  • Easy, direct replacement for all competing brands
  • Exclusive 100% passive sampling
  • No electrochemical sensor cell to replace

Specpoint Systems, LLC manufactures and markets:

  • New instrument and sampling systems
  • New and remanufactured ammonia detector instruments
  • New repair and replacement parts
  • High-performance upgrade kits for UVH 10 Honeywell existing systems


  • Cold Storage and Controlled Atmosphere (CA) warehouse ammonia detection
  • Mechanical room and roof relief valve ammonia detection
  • Process monitoring of ammonia
  • Specialized industrial solutions for dairies, hog farms, poultry and more
  • Hydraulic oil vapor detection
  • Hydrocarbon vapor detection
  • Freon and HCFC/HFC/refrigeration vapor detection
  • Detection of other gases (Contact us for details)