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Specpoint's New Remote Calibration Service--An Industry First!

Specpoint Systems, LLC is proud to announce their new communication option for Ammonia Detectors. Releasing in spring 2013, Specpoint's remote management software option will be available for all new instruments and as a communication upgrade kit for all existing instruments. Upgrading to remote management will provide the factory-authorized calibration preferred by insurance underwriters (as compared to second-party calibration services.)

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Specpoint Systems, LLC manufactures proprietary new commercial and industrial ammonia detector instrument systems and replacement parts for Honeywell UVH series ammonia detectors.

  • Features high performance U.V. sensing technology
  • The industry's most reliable and accurate with over 10,000 systems operating worldwide
  • Easy, direct replacement for all competing brands
  • Exclusive 100% passive sampling
  • No electrochemical sensor cell to replace

Specpoint Systems, LLC manufactures and markets:

  • New instrument and sampling systems
  • New and remanufactured ammonia detector instruments
  • New repair and replacement parts
  • High-performance upgrade kits for UVH 10 Honeywell existing systems

Specpoint Systems, LLC provides:

  • Product Support services
  • Application and site engineering
  • Site installation
  • Authorized calibration services
    • (1-3 months) 0-50 PPM Range
    • (1-3 months) 0-100 PPM Range
    • (3-6 Months) 0-200 PPM Range
    • (6 Months) 0-250 PPM Range
    • (6 Months) 0-500 PPM Range
    • (6 Months) 0-2500 PPM Range
  • System certification programs


  • Cold Storage and Controlled Atmosphere (CA) warehouse ammonia detection
  • Mechanical room and roof relief valve ammonia detection
  • Process monitoring of ammonia
  • Specialized industrial solutions for dairies, hog farms, poultry and more
  • Hydraulic oil vapor detection
  • Hydrocarbon vapor detection
  • Freon and HCFC/HFC/refrigeration vapor detection
  • Detection of other gases (Contact us for details)
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